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Liquid Keratin Professional Restorative Smoothing Treatment is an exclusive new certified Formaldehyde & Aldehyde Free system developed to promote hair straightening, smoothing and relaxing waves while repairing damage caused from other chemical processes. Because of its ability to penetrate the hair fibre, Liquid Keratin Professional Restorative Smoothing Treatment, provides more shine, conditioning, strength and resistance to hair fibers damaged by other chemical processes.

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Others claim to be Formaldehyde free.

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  • Certified Formaldehyde and Aldehyde free by 3rd party laboratory
  • Thio Free, Sodium Hydroxide Free, Guanidine Free, Scent Free, No Burning.
  • Straightens and smoothes hair.
  • Penetrates hair to enhance strength and elasticity and revitalizes dry, damaged, frizzy, and hard to manage hair.
  • Bio-Restore Complex to repair extremely damaged hair from chemical processes and/or external aggressors (UV rays, wind, humidity).
  • Provides strength, resistance and natural flexibility.
  • Enhances shine.
  • Nourishes and conditions hair to restore vibrancy and manageability.
  • Reduces volume and enhance luster for vibrant healthy hair
  • Treatment is washed out immediately after service. No waiting time. Hair can be colored the same day as service.
  • Results last 10 - 16 weeks

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The Liquid Keratin Story

The Liquid Keratin Story

The Liquid Keratin Story

Liquid Keratin officially launched in the United States in January of 2009. Its hero SKU, the Liquid Keratin 30 Day Treatment is a patented, revolutionary, formaldehyde free, safe, easy to use, at home keratin hair treatment that tames unwanted frizz, loosens curl, smoothes and softens hair texture, adds shine, and keeps hair manageable and healthy for as long as 30 days with just one application.

Having revolutionized the home treatment category, Liquid Keratin has now focussed its sights on the professional salon market with the launch of its Liquid Keratin Professional Restorative Smoothing Treatment. This exclusive new keratin system is formulated to promote the smoothing and semi-permanent relaxing of a range of hair types while repairing damage caused by other chemical processes. It is the first truly formaldehyde free Keratin treatment to hit the market. Liquid Keratin Professional is also free of all donors/releasers of formaldehyde, aldehydes, thio, sodium hydroxide and guanidine.

Liquid Keratin also offers a range of ancillaries which improve and enhance the results of the Liquid Keratin treatments as well as those of other popular salon keratin treatments.


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